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Skill based strategy card game

Create your own playstyle by combining spells and actions in this fresh fantasy world. No waiting around for your turn, the simultaneous rounds system combined with RPG elements create a fast paced and unique experience. Unlock cards and Soulstones and take on the competition.

How do we know it's fun?

Ambal Duels is a direct adaptation of Ambal Tournament, an indie physical card game tested and proven to stand out from the competition. We will bring exciting new features to further improve the game!

Immerse yourself
in epic battles

Skill Based Card Game

Every card is a unique skill, no duplicates allowed. There are no monsters in Ambal Duels and this puts players in the center of action. Competitors construct their decks using cards from up to two Schools of Knowledge, each representing an area of knowledge with their own set of cards and style of play. 

Evolving World and Sets

Strategic Duels

Your opponent’s strategy matters as much as yours. Analyze the battlefield and outsmart other players. The tides of battle are constantly shifting thanks to blocks, interrupts and other unique mechanics, offering high replayability and evolving strategies.

Simultaneous and Fast Paced

With no ramp up in Energy, duels start at full speed while players use cards at the same time. Customize your build during the game, picking cards from your Library to dynamically adapt in the heat of battle.

Join the Adventure

The Ambal Compendium is a growing collection of lore and story documents detailing the high-fantasy spiritual world of Erra, and more specifically the land of Ambal.

Schools of Knowledge

Competitors construct their decks using cards from up to two Schools of Knowledge, each representing an area of knowledge with their own set of cards and style of play. Which ones will you choose?

Combat Style

Specialize in slowing their opponents and laying curses. These spell casters prove resilient with their arsenal of healing and protection skills, gradually harming foes.


In the North, the scholars from Catuy developed this School utilizing the knowledge they gained from Winter, their tribe being the closest to that Season ages ago, and teachings from Harae, a Primeval Spirit who’s a master of purification using water and fire.

Combat Style

High damaging skills and masters of burning, these sorcerers try to build their energy fast while taking big chunks of health from their opponents.


Parasea, a central city by the bay, was responsible for developing the Fire Magic School. Their scholars used what they learned from Summer, the mighty vermilion bird from the South, and also knowledge obtained from Harae, a powerful Primeval Spirit who used fire and water to smite its enemies.

Combat Style

Assassination users that are good at predicting the opponent’s moves can deliver massive damage, punishing their choices. Curses will make the foe an easy prey for these fighters.


The fortified city of Nakuara was responsible for developing the Assassinaton Path, a somewhat controversial School. Scholars of this city used knowledge they obtained from fighting Shadows found in the forests of the West. While wicked in nature these skills are proven effective to weaken enemies.

Combat Style

Bleeding specialists, hitting these fighters might be hard thanks to their blocks. Sword users are fast, being able to reduce their actions Energy cost and retaliate against opponents.


Ocayba was responsible for developing the Sword Path, using the teachings from Teresa Rineo, the first queen of Ocayba and legendary swordsman. Her disciples continued developing techniques and passed those to the scholars, while the Crimsonhood Guild also aided with knowledge of their own.

Get stronger with artifacts


Foundation will be the first set of Ambal Duels, containing 100 skills from four different Schools of Knowledge. Each School has 21 common skills and 4 Elite skills, all beautifully illustrated to match that school’s color scheme and theme. Players can earn cards from packs acquired in game, and some players might even receive extremely rare foil variants!


The Soulstones are special items that influence the player's stats during battle. Players can unlock stronger parts, growing in power and acquiring new traits that will further shape their stats. The goal of a Soulstone is to help players achieve their desired builds, offering a deep level of customization. Explore all the possible combinations and craft the Soulstone that is perfect for you.


Players can collect a variety of visual enhancements to tailor their experience. From stunning card backs to eye catching player boards, players will battle in style and show off their unique identities.

The Ambal Duels team has a commitment to develop a fun game that is easy to get into but still has enough substance for players to sink their teeth into. With a low to no entry barrier, Ambal Duels aims to have default decks and Soulstones that will allow anyone to jump in and join the fun!